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Blue Light Driver Training

Level 3 Cert in Blue Light Driving

Course duration: 4 weeks

Price: £3,000 - From Our Training Partner in Ireland 

Group Discounts Available - Enquire:

National Emergency Medical Control have an affiliated training partner with whom you can complete your blue light driving course


With this level of training being addressed the main aim of the driving standard is to:

  • Reduce the risks associated with the driving of emergency service vehicles

  • making sure that patients and passengers are safe and comfortable during transit

  • Making students aware that responding to an emergency should never involve actions which could lead to injury or even death of any person.

  • Training meets the core requirements of UK NHS Trusts (S.19 of the UK Road Safety Act)


This is a 4-week course that must be successfully completed to receive a Certificate of Competence to claim exemptions as an ambulance service driver. To qualify within this course, all the mandatory components within the course must be completed with a requirement of 230 hours of total qualification time, including 152 hours of contact learning. 


Within this course, the students will cover the following subjects:

  • Vehicle daily inspection & Legislation and Driving Regulations

  • Braking, Steering & Transmission systems 

  • Be able to vary speed accurately

  • Multi-lane and Motorway driving 

  • Reverse and manoeuvre 

  • Vehicle safety systems & Overtaking 

  • Driving in adverse conditions 

  • Manage confrontational behaviour 

  • Vehicle Navigation 

  • The System of car control 

  • Driving in the hours of darkness 

  • Knowledge of legal exemptions 

  • Emergency response driving

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