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Up-skill From Paramedic to UK AAP Qualification

Up-skill from Paramedic to UK AAP Qualification

Course Duration:

  • 5 days - 35 hours contact teaching 

  • 150 Clinical placement hours (paid)

  • Total Qualification Time: 185 Hours

Price: €1,000

Group Discounts Available - Enquire:


We at NEMC have designed this course for the PHECC Paramedic to allow them to gain a further qualification to operate on a front line service within the UK. Within this 5 day course you will be provided with the necessary knowledge of UK legislation and Trust Specific systems to transfer your skills to their front line service in a seamless transition.

Some topics covered include:

  • Safeguarding Adults and Children

  • Trust specific Information Governance and Data Security

  • End of Life Care (EoLC)

Assessments to completed during the course are:

  • Stepwise Airway Management

  • Primary Survey (Unresponsive Patient) and Secondary Survey

  • Clinical Observations, 12 Lead ECG and Obtaining History

  • Adult, Child & Infant BLS, CPR & AED

  • Newborn Life Support

  • Immediate Life Support (ILS)

  • Obstetrics & Gynaecology / Normal Childbirth

  • Administration of Medical Gases & Medical Conditions

  • Immobilisation & Extrication Equipment 

  • Assessment & Treatment of Trauma

During this 5 day course each Paramedic must complete the AAP practical assessments, Learner Workbook, and invigilated exam to be issued a certificate of completion. Upon completion Paramedics will be allocated to a UK provider for clinical placements will be paid and accommodation provided.

Student must provide NEMC with their Paramedic Qualification issued by PHECC and a copy of a current PHECC Paramedic licence to participate on this course.

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